My Approach

I work in a collaborative way with the aim of creating a safe and supporting space to explore your difficulties in a non-judgemental and unbiased way. 

At the centre of my practice is an approach based on acceptance, empathy and understanding with an emphasis on developing a good working alliance that fosters trust. I believe in working rigorously and in partnership with my clients.  I also take full account of the real world, including the impact of trauma, cultural difference, sexual orientation, disability and social context. 

Although my approach is integrative and tailored to your needs, I often work from a psychodynamic perspective as it is particularly effective at addressing repeated patterns of unhelpful behaviour and of understanding the underlying dynamics operating in our closest relationships. By helping uncover our coping behaviours and strategies it can be hugely effective in helping people to make sense of their emotions, their current difficulties, their own past and their relationships both with others and with themselves. 

When working with couples my focus is not on placing the blame or responsibility on either individual, but on carefully exploring the interaction between the two people – their communication, behavioural and emotional patterns. I believe that couple's work is very powerful and can help the couple gain a deeper and sometimes quite new understanding of both themselves and their relationships, often opening up a way for couples to free themselves from destructive patterns and establish new and positive ways of relating and communicating.